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FROM THOUGHTFUL PRODUCTIONS, Master Potter Stephen Jepson’s Award Winning Pottery Making Videos are AVAILABLE for only $49.95 EACH (S&H $5.95 for first item and $1.00 for each additional item)

Reviews from actual buyers!


“Jepson is a patient and confidence-inspiring teacher, and his innate love of the clay medium is obvious. These videos are appropriate for both institutional and public library video collections, and should appeal to artisans high school age and up.”

ABC Clio Rating Guide for Libraries with Video Librarian

“I am so happy that someone has finally stated plainly some clear cut steps for beginning potters. Center, open, set bottom, raise wall, compress rim. Pottery has never been so logical. My pottery has definitely improved since I watched your tape. I’ve lent it to several people in my class and they had visible improvement in their work also. You’re also the first instructor who told me what tools I need and what they are used for. Thank you for all your help! I’m anxiously waiting for my next tape.”

Carrie Anderson, Kensington CT



Introduction to Throwing has helped thousands improve their throwing
skills. The video begins with the basics of centering, opening, and
pulling up a wall, then progresses step by step through more complex
techniques. You will learn to throw plates, platters, saucers, mugs,
cups, bowls, pitchers, how to trim, pull handles, make spouts and more.
I cannot make you a master potter in two weeks, but this video will
show you the basics in a way you can understand and assimilate. If you
are thinking of beginning, this video will start you right; if you have
tried with little success, it will change your experience. If you think
you are already pretty good, it will make you better; if you are only
interested in learning about the process, it will be fascinating.
53 minutes.

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Fast Paced but packed with lots of information including many examples
of finished work by several potters. Includes: Bottles & closed
forms, covered jars and casseroles, simple ways to get lids to fit, 6
different kinds of lids, faceting & cutting, solutions to goblet
production, throwing off the hump, making and assembling parts of tea
pots, donuts, learn how to tap on center in 40 minutes and a lot more.
85 minutes.

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A clear, concise description of a variety of basic procedures and
techniques – Deals with a range of design questions – Shows many
finished examples by a number of ceramic designers. You Will See: How
to make decorative stamps including Roll Stamps, Pinch Pots, Coil Pots,
Slab Construction – (Building a candle stick), Cylinders, – Salt
Cellars, Mugs, Vases, Use of Press Molds & Hump Molds, How to make
a Plaster Press Mold, Suggestions for products, and More… 80 Minutes.

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Based on his book Pottery Decoration, Mr. Tom Shafer shows you how to
use a variety of decorating techniques with demonstrations and examples
from the work of many different potters. Includes: Incising and
carving, Using and making stamps, added decoration, slip trailing,
sgraffito and inlay, wax resist, marbled and mosaic patterns and more…
74 minutes.

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With Stephen Jepson and Danish National Throwing Champion, and USA
Olympic Throwing medalist, Bill Gossman. This video will show you how
to make pots up to 4 feet tall and platters over 3 feet wide. Lots of
close-ups clearly show techniques to help you center and throw large
amounts of clay, to make large pots from pre-thrown sections, and to
use the coil and throw method, with which you can make pots whose size
is limited only by your ability to move and fire them.

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Includes: Preparing greenware for bisque, loading electric and gas
bisque, firing electric and gas bisque; waxing, glaze mixing, glazing
by dipping, pouring and spraying; glaze testing, decorative glaze
techniques, loading a glaze kiln and glaze firing; Finishing fired ware
and much more… 106 minutes.

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I have used these methods to make a
lot more than $1,000,000. Includes: Studio sales, art fairs and crafts
festivals, trade shows, co-ops, consignments, securing commissions,
getting media coverage, developing customer lists, wholesale vs.
retail, advertising, photography, copy writing, packing & shipping,
and much more… 90 minutes.

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A straight forward solution to building a 20 to 100 cubic foot and
larger down draft, walk-in, car, sprung arch kiln suitable for firing
earthen ware, white ware, stoneware, porcelain and bisque – Fires to
cone 12. I have been designing, building and firing kilns for myself
and others for 40 years. Includes: How to build your own atmospheric
burners, how to build oil burners, how to construct an arch form, and
safety considerations. You can produce a kiln that you can fine tune
and tweak to give beautifully finished pottery. I cannot come close to
describing the joy that awaits you – the Christmas-like sensation of
opening a kiln you have built and fired yourself… 60 minutes.

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A collection of 120 beautiful and unusual pieces including stoneware,
porcelain, salt-fired, wood-fired, once-fired, luster ware,
earthenware, table ware, Raku, art pottery, funky pottery, tea pots,
covered jars, pitchers and platters. Some history and lots of fun – a
wonderful resource for ideas. Some antique pieces – many pieces by
renowned clay workers. Some of my views on arts and craft… 60 minutes.

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