About Jepson Pottery

About Jepson Pottery:


Jepson Pottery was Founded by Stephen Jepson in 1971,

Stephen Jepson received his MFA in ceramics from Alfred University in 1971. In the same year he established his studio, Jepson Pottery, in Geneva, Florida. Jepson Pottery concentrated on decorative accessories and functional ware for cooking and serving. From simple earthy stoneware mugs to elegant, richly decorated porcelain plates and vases, everything was designed with function in mind to be not only beautiful, but a pleasure to use.








Stephen Jepson’s Thoughtful Productions

Have FUN while learning FAST with this EASY proven series of 9 instructional pottery videos. These highly acclaimed videos are based on years of potting and teaching experience: Stephen Jepson has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts, started the ceramics department of a major university and has trained students from all over the world in his exclusive techniques. Whether you are a beginner or are an experienced potter eager to expand your skills there is a video here for you. The series includes: Introduction to Throwing, Advanced Throwing Projects and Techniques, Introduction to Hand Building, How to Throw Large Pots, Pottery Decoration, Glazing and Firing, Kiln Building, Successfully Marketing Your Production and Clay Collection…






World Pottery Institute

For 10 years students came from all around the world to study with me at my school, the World Pottery Institute. Now, I offer one-on-one instruction tailored to the needs of each student and held at the student’s personal studio. I have found that I can help them make remarkable progress in a very short period of time under those circumstances. Not only am I able to help them with their throwing skills but I am able to suggest changes that contribute to the efficiency and flow of work in their shop…






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